These servers are a little more expensive, but with the user interfaces built into them, or adult and commercial friendly aspects, it's well worth it if you wish to be your own webmaster, have adult content or do commercial soliciting.

Some allow (you to): Create and delete Instant email accounts; Directory/file management; File uploading from the browser; Protect your web pages with access codes; Setup your statistic reporting; Setup multiple search engines on your Site; Administer a Post Office; Configure anonymous FTP; Create and administer Bulletin Boards

Check them out and compare to our other packages listed on the accounts page.  Also, check out our Reseller Rates--let your account pay for itself and then some!

Adgrafix servers
These servers have all of the important capabilities of the regular servers, but include the copyrighted "Web Site Manager" software. This is a "windows like" point an click interface, which makes administering a website very simple.

Virtualysis Systems servers

        With the "Virtual Server Administrator" you can also oversee every aspect of          your account.  This software makes webmastering "for dummies"!


Offshore Servers

       Located in a "data haven" country.   There are rules and guidelines for           these accounts, but they are very simple...If your offshore (or onshore)           corporation or business needs a home page hosted offshore, contact us.           We have servers available in Anguilla and Amsterdam.  More information          will be posted shortly.

Adult server Packages

For servers capable of handling the increased demands of adult content site.   While some pages will never exceed 1000 hits a month after years on the web, adult content pages can achieve 1000 hits an hour in just a short time.  These demands thus require special servers (and more of them) set aside for these purposes.

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