InfoPAGE! services is expanding.  In keeping with our goal to provide the best collection of diverse products and services, we are currently offering the following services:

Web Hosting Packages
We are offering several hosting packages.  From 5 to 150, to unlimited web space, there is a package and price for everyone.  Personal or business!  We offer discounts for hosting/design packages!
Web Design/development
Very reasonable rates, and the latest software and hardware make our web design site a great value.  With the Frontpage98 editor and our hosting packages, we can design pages and sites for any need.  Of course we can develop sites without Frontpage for those who already have a host, or choose to not use Frontpage.  We offer discounts for design/hosting packages!  For additional fees, we can also maintain your sites.
Internet Dial-up Service
At only $19.00/month this is a great deal!  Infopage is a NATIONAL internet service provider.  We have dial-up access in most major cities.  The service comes with 5megs of web space, POP email address, unlimited email aliasing, 40,000 news groups and toll-free tech support.
Web Promotion
We can upload your site (hosted by us or not) to numerous search engines and directories.  Plus, we can work to keep you at the top!

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