We offer package deals for sites we host.  We can host your virtual domain/sub-domain; then we can design your web presence; next we can promote your site to as many as 600 search engines and directories; finally, we can work to keep your site at the top of the engines!  Visit our Design page for more info.

In addition to the listed packages, Infopage Services has a Specialty Hosting Services.  We have offshore servers, adult content servers, bulk/commercial friendly hosting and we also have packages available for those of you with absolutely no web management experience.  The descriptions and links  for all of these services are below.  For more information, please use the request form below.  We also now have Reseller Packages.

Key Benefits


Hosting Packages:

We believe we have a hosting package for everyone.  From individuals to the largest corporations.  You can put up personal sites, or put up an online catalog and do commerce over our secure servers.  We have divided our packages based on features.   Most accounts are "domain name" accounts.  All accounts feature Frontpage support, email aliasing, infobots, secured server access, etc...and all of the main features available with good servers.  For a more complete features comparison, check out the "features" and "accounts" pages. Check to see if your domain name choice is still available.

Also look below for our servers designed for the "do-it-yourselfers".   Though a little more costly, these feature user interfaces which make being a web master very easy.  These are listed at the speciality hosting link.

Corporate Packages
15/150/250M.  Ideal for client with less need for POP accounts (1-5), and more need for space and functionality.  No minimum contract length.
Business Packages
25/50M.  Ideal for clients with several employees who need access to the mail server via POP accounts.  Also, these accounts have tech support available in several languages for our foreign customers. No minimum contract length.
SOHO Packages
10M. At only $10/month, this is ideal for customers who don't need a lot of space, but need a feature packed service. There is a minimum 6 month contract limit.  
Reseller Packages
300/500/Unlimited.  Designed for those who wish to resell or who need LOTS of web space.  With the features and functions of the corporate accounts.  Resold accounts may be sub-domain (www.your-domain.com/your-client) or domain (www.your-client.com).  You may set your own prices and division sizes up to 150M space.  Contact us for more details, or visit the Speciality Hosting link.

Specialty Hosting Servers:

These servers are a little more expensive, but with the user interfaces built into them, or adult and commercial friendly aspects, it's well worth it if you wish to be your own webmaster, have adult content or do commercial soliciting.

Some allow (you to): Create and delete Instant email accounts; Directory/file management; File uploading from the browser; Protect your web pages with access codes; Setup your statistic reporting; Setup multiple search engines on your Site; Administer a Post Office; Configure anonymous FTP; Create and administer Bulletin Boards

Check them out and compare to our other packages listed on the accounts page.  Reseller rates and information are also available here.

Adgrafix servers
These servers have all of the important capabilities of the above servers, but include the copyrighted "Web Site Manager" software. This is a "windows like" point an click interface, which makes administering a website very simple.

Virtualysis Systems servers

        With the "Virtual Server Administrator" you can also oversee every aspect of your account.  This software makes webmastering "for dummies"!

Offshore Servers

     Located in a "data haven" country.   There are rules and guidelines for       these accounts, but they are very simple...If your offshore (or onshore)       corporation or business needs a home page hosted offshore, contact        us.

Adult server Packages

For servers capable of handling the increased demands of adult content site.   While some pages will never exceed 1000 hits a month after years on the web, adult content pages can achieve 1000 hits an hour in just a short time.  These demands thus require special servers (and more of them) set aside for these purposes.


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