The feature list for all accounts in this category unless stated elsewhere.

Basic Domain Site Hosting is "Feature Packed" and Includes:
  • 15/150/250 meg of Hard Disk Space
    Additional space only .25 meg/month
  • Unlimited Web Page Traffic *
  • 2 gig of FTP Transfer

      Most users will never exceed 300 megs of transfer.

  • Unlimited Pages

      No page restrictions.

  • Power PlusMailtm System
  • 1 Full pop/ftp/Telnet access account

      Additional ones may be acquired.

  • Unlimited Mailing Lists

      This feature allows you to create a mailing list with a simple text file of addresses. You may have as many lists in your directory as you like, each is password protectable. Each list efficiently handles 1000 addresses. The file size of each letter may be up to 75k.

  • Unlimited Auto responder

      This will allow an automated response to an email message. You can create as many simple text files as you like, allowing a response to specific incoming inquiries. With the Advanced PlusMail account, the requesters address is automatically written to your mailing list.

  • We support Java, PERL, C++, TCL, and Python
  • Microsoft Front Page Support
  • CGI-Bin access with pre-configured scripts installed.

      Guest book

        Ready to run.

      WWW Bulletin Board

        Ready to run.

      Free for all links page

        Ready to run.

      Single Page Shopping Cart

        Ready to run.

      Site Database and search engine
      Full site counter

        Easily added to pages, uses SSI.


        Fully configurable forms send script, Sample order form provided in all domains.


        Allows any form to be sent by mail or written to a database.

      Random text displayer

        Allows a rotation of simple sayings or quotes, Uses SSI.


        For clickable image redirection.

      Site Search

        Easy-to-use complete site search engine.

    • List Server

        Closed or open mailing list program, designed to handle thousands of names.

    • Secure Server

        Providing a safe (encrypted) way to transfer information between you and your customers. Necessary for secure credit card transactions.

    • Password protected Web directories.

        This will allow you to create a login and password file on specific web pages. Visitors will not be able to view these pages unless you provide them access.

    • Redirection capability

        The ability to redirect a web page to read information from other sources.

    • Domain Name registration
    • Comprehensive Usage stats

        Generated weekly - ultimate way to monitor your site usage by tracking visitors to your site with unique graphical interface.

    • Multiple T-1 connections to four T-3 lines at backbone

        Includes T-1 backup, virtually eliminating down time associated with a single T1. This assures one of the most fail-safe systems on the Internet.

    • MSQL Access
    • SSI- Server Side

        Detects any page ending with .htm, .html, .sht or .shtml

    • Computers are Pentium-class machines

        Running Apache over Linux. Apache responds to web page fetch requests from remote browsers while Linux is one of several variants of the Unix operating system.

    • 128 Meg of Ram (minimum per server)
    • On request, we can set up an ANONYMOUS ftp area.

        Where files can be uploaded or downloaded by anyone in the world without a password. This area is necessarily separate from web space and password protected ftp space for obvious reasons. If you want both upload and download anonymous ftp, you may want a read-only subdirectory for distributing files and a separate write-only subdirectory for receiving files. This is to prevent files that you are distributing from being destroyed accidentally, and to prevent files uploaded to you from being distributed to others before you examine them.

    • Unlimited redirecting of e-mail

        Very nice for creating multiple e-mail names i.e. support@yoursite.com, joe@yoursite.com, sales@yoursite.com.

    • Multiple E-mail accounts available
    • 24 hour support
    • Support FAQ & online startup page
    • Web directories and home directories backed up every 48 hours
    • Main system operations backed up hourly

    Options Available

    • Live Java Chat - Pre-configured
    • Real Audio
    • Real Video
    • VocalTec Internet Phone
    • TrueSpeech Digital Audio
If you don't understand some of the above features, we can help you relate to all that we have to offer...It is highly unlikely to be limited or restricted in the growth and development of your Website. Unlike many other internet service providers, our services are designed to provide you with the Ultimate in Website Hosting.

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