HOLIDAY SPECIAL ! OFFER ENDS ! JAN 1ST 1998 DON’T PAY $200-$800 PRICE JUST LOWERED FROM $55.00 ****PAY ONLY $25.00 !!***  ACCEPT CHECKS by Phone, Fax, or Email !

Now You can accept Check Payments over the Phone, Fax, or E-mail.  And it’s faster  and cheaper than you would ever think.  Infopage Services and Real Marketing have been successfully accepting this new form of payment with tremendous success! Now we are offering it to you,  for an unbelievable price ! ! With one phone call, fax or e-mail,  the necessary checking account information can be quickly entered into a computer and with one press of a button, a check is  printed out and is ready to deposit into the bank the same day.  No more waiting on the post office!

==> How Does CHECKER Check Printing Software work?

1. Your customer gives you their authorization & their checking account information to purchase your product or service much like millions and millions of people are doing everyday with their credit cards.  This can be done via phone, fax, or email.

2. You enter their check information into the CHECKER software program, which only takes a few minutes to do.

3. You can then print out the check immediately or you can save it to print later with a group of other checks.

4. The printed checks can be deposited into your bank account the same way you deposit your checks now.

**That’s it.  It is just that simple to accept your customers checks and to deposit them in the bank the same day.  Every Business and Money - Minded Organization  in America can use this product to Increase Their Bottom Line Overnight!

*Please note - we don’t require you to pay any type of "monthly fee" you simply purchase the software, blank checks (about 5 cents each), and you are in business.


What Do I Need To Be Able To Use This Program ? To get started, all you need is the Checker Check Printing Software, access to an IBM compatible computer (Windows) and a laser or bubble jet printer and some blank check paper. (We`ll supply you with some paper to get started.) That's it. Once you get the checker- Check Printing Software and you have access to the computer, printer and you have some blank check paper all you need to do is concentrate on getting orders, processing the check information and depositing them into the bank. Easy as 1-2-3.


Major Features Of CHECKER ! ** User friendly (Simplest program on the market today). ** Check memo area. **Printer Alignment (Correct position required for MICR fonts) **Standard & user customizable check signature lines.

** View check data base seven separate ways
1) by bank transit number 
2) by bank name 
3) by account number
4) by account holder
5) by payee 
6) by check date 
7) by date check printed

** Accepts 3 5/8" blank check formats ** Also prints standard checks that you may sign.

GET YOUR DEMO VERSION TODAY !! Or To Order your full working version of CHECKER Check Printing Software!  CLICK HERE     ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED WITHIN 24 HOURS