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Features Corporate 1 SOHO Business 1 Business 2 Corporate 2 Corporate 3
Cost per Month $10.00 $10.00 (min 6-month) $24.95 $45.95 $34.95 $49.95
Domain type
Disk Space 15 megs 10 megs 25 megs 50 megs 150 megs 250 megs
Web page Traffic Total 2 gigs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Transfer 1gig 1gig 1gig 2 gigs 2 gigs 3 gigs
Power plus mail system Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
POP Email Account Yes One Five Ten Four Ten
Email aliases Limited Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Wusage 4.1 No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secure Server Access Limited Limited Yes Yes (+) cybercash server Yes Yes
Unlimited Maillists No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Infobots One One Ten Twenty Unlimited Unlimited
Majordomo Listserver No No One Two One Two
Cgi-bin or FrontPage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous FTP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real Audio Optional Optional Optional Yes Optional Yes
Real Video Optional Optional Optional Yes Optional Yes
Java Chat Optional Optional Optional Yes Optional Yes 3 rooms
MSQL Access No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internic Registration Not needed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Language Support English English, German English, Spanish, Korean, Hindi English, Spanish, Korean, Hindi English English
Optional Real Audio $12.00/Month
Optional Real Video / Real Audio $25.00/Month
Optional Java Chat $12.00/Month
Additional POP Email Accounts $20.00 (one time fee)
Additional Listserver $8.00/month
Additional FTP/data Usage $0.25 per meg/month
Additional Disk Space $0.25 per meg/month
Setup Charges (includes domain registration process) $50.00(one time fee)

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