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Infopage Services offers internet dial-up access to most major markets in the US at only $19.00/mo for unlimited connection.  True nationwide (and Canadian) access to over 2100 dial in numbers!!We offer 56k and v.90 access, as well as over 1000 128k ISDN access numbers.

This service is availabe for $18/mo if paid quarterly and $17.50/mo if paid yearly, you just can't beat that!


Setup fee one time $25.00 personal

one time $50/month business

Personal $19.00/month  56k access $34.95/mo 112k multilink
Business $39.95/month 112k ISDN
Email 2/ yourname@infopg.net    

unlimited yourname@infopg.com

Web Space 5 M homepage space (more avail)
Roaming Nationwide!!
Newsgroups Over 40,000
Instant setup ***coming soon***

Check our list of cities to see if your city has local service.

Request more information below, or sign up on our secure server, or non-secure server.  You may also print out and fax or mail the form. You will receive confirmation of your order, and immediate access to the dial-up adapter setting information. 

Orders will be processed by tech support and access granted within 30 minutes of processing.  Tech support will notify you if any additional information is required.  

We are in the process of adding several more technological enhancements to improve the overall quality of our already superb service. These include:  a world wide modem pool; satellite POP; email/chat only service; new software; "internet" phone over dedicated lines!!!


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