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Never before has there been a strategy for businesses so well designed, so easily implemented, and so cost effective as the Web. Two years ago the only way to get the type of exposure the Web offers was to take out a 30 second ad during halftime of the Superbowl. Now this kind of exposure, and more, is available with a Virtual Server from Virtualis Systems!

What the Web can do for you?
Get your message out with interactive content.
Sell your product/service 24 hours a day
 provide secure credit card transactions
Support and market your product/service 24 hours a day
Provide your company with a corporate image
Give every member of your company their own web page and email
Save on printing costs (on-line catalogs, newsletters...etc.)

Dispelling the Myths

ou know you want a Web Site, but the first step can be the most mystifying. Who will host it? Dozens of different companies have bombarded you with their own "deals." It is not even possible to make odds or ends of the Web hype and techno-babble. Now you don't have to. We have broken the process into what we call the 4 essentials. How does Virtualis Systems compare? See for yourself:

  • 3 years of service
  • Fast, multi-T3 lines
  • T1 backup lines
  • daily backup
  • VSA! 
  • great scripts
  • 4 option plans
  • NO Contracts!
  • low Setup
  • low monthly
  • 12 mo. discount
The Web Site Hosting Business is well suited for the old saying: "You get what you pay for."

Virtual Server Options

Here at Virtualis Systems we have four great options for you to choose from. They range in price and features. If you need help finding the option right for you contact your Virtual Reseller. They will be happy to explain the options and find the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Click on any option for detailed information about it.

You get:
10 MB, full domain name, full server access, cgi-bin, email accounts, Java, much more!
[ Full Details! ] [ Place Order ] $36 per month/$96 setup
Mini plus:
20 MB Total Space, Frontpage, unlimited e-mail accounts, VS STAT reporting, RealAudio, much more!
[ Full Details! ] [ Place Order ] $56 per month/$96 setup
Mini/Mid plus:
50 MB Total Space, Web search engine, auto-responders, email Post Office, virtual hosting, more!
[ Full Details! ] [ Place Order ] $96 per month/$96 setup
Mini/Mid/Mega plus:
100 MB Total Space Virtual Server w/ multi-user software , database engine
[ Full Details! ] [ Place Order ] $176 per month/$96 setup

Webmastering for Dummies

Until now managing a Web Site has either required a Computer Science degree or an expensive Webmaster. This just recently changed with the introduction of our patented Server software, the Virtual Server Administrator . The VSA is a software package, authored by Virtualis Systems, that we feel sets us apart from other hosting services. It is our pleasure to now offer the VSA free to all of our customers. The VSA gives you total control over every facet of your Web Site with point-and-click ease right from the Web browser. It works with any type of computer!

Demo the new VSA!

What can you do with the VSA?
Instant email account creation/deletion
Directory/file management
File uploading from the browser
Protect your web pages with access codes
Setup your statistic reporting
Setup multiple search engines on your Site
VSA Post Office
Configure anonymous FTP
Create and administer Bulletin Boards
Adjust the Counters on your site
much, much more!


In our 3 years of Web Site hosting we have learned the one thing that makes the difference. Support! Our tech support team is here to answer all your questions, 24 hours per day. Our typical response time is under 1 hour!

We have extensive documentation which can be accessed both from our Customer Area and our on-line Support Department. FAQs/Guides/Help Screens, and more are found here.
The VR Team
Each customer has their own Virtual Reseller. Your VR is the representative from whom you purchased your Virtual Server. Generally, our VRs are quite Internet savvy.
The SVR Team
Guiding the VR Team, is the SVR Team. Our Senior Virtual Resellers are a select group of highly qualified and trained Web professionals. SVRs are always available and online in the Support Department waiting to answer your questions!
The TAG Team
At the core of the company is the Technical Administrators Group, better known as the TAG Team. They can be counted on to solve even the toughest Internet problems should you ever need to go call on them!

To contact your independent Virtualis Representative:


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